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bose sa2 manual

No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission. All trademarks referenced herein are property of Bose Corporation. Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Contact Bose Customer Service for assistance. Note: The Lifestyle speakers or Bose non-powered accessory speakers ONLY. A 6-ohm minimum load is required.It is important to prevent moisture from getting into the unit.Connector panel on the left Vertically mounted on wall Wood wall in (2.25 mm) Note: Refer to your Lifestyle system in more than one room.Plug the other end of the 20-foot audio cable into the Bose link input jack on the rear panel of the Lifestyle. Amplifier is on and ready to produce sound. Amplifier is configured as a supple- mental amplifier.Note: Refer to your Lifestyle system in more than one room. Figure 20 Room code switches Amplifier room code settings SA-3 SA-2 Setting Up Additional Rooms For Sound Room A B C 6 7 8 9. If the problem still exists, contact your Bose dealer to arrange for service, or contact Bose Customer Service. Refer to the address list enclosed in the prod- uct packaging for correct phone numbers. Please fill out the information section of the card and mail it to Bose. Failure to do so will not affect your warranty rights. A s with an y electronic produc ts, use care not to spill liquids into any part of the sy stem. These CAUTION mark s are l ocated on the e nclosur e of you r prod uct: The exclamat ion point within an equilater al tria ngle, as mark ed on the s ystem, is intende d to alert t he user to the p resen ce of import ant operati ng and maint enance inst ructio ns i n this owner ’ s gu ide. The ligh tnin g fl ash with arrow he ad s ymbol wi thin an eq uil ate ral trian gle a ler ts th e user to th e pr esence of u ninsula ted danger ous voltage with in the sy stem enclosu r e that may b e of sufficient magni tude to con stitute a ri sk of electr ical shock.

Class B emissions This Clas s B digita l apparatu s meets all re quir ements of the Canadian I nterfer ence-Causing Equi pme nt R egu lati ons. CAUTIO N: T o pre vent el ectric sho ck, matc h the wide blade of the line cord pl ug to t he wide sl ot of the AC (mains) recepta cle. In sert fully. CAUTIO N: This product i s not design ed for use in re creational v ehicle o r marine a pplica tions. WA R N I N G: No naked f lame so urces, such as li ghted ca ndles, should be place d on the app aratus. Note: The prod uct label is located o n the bott om of the p roduct. Please read this owner ’ s guide Please t ake the time to follow the instruction s in this owner’ s guide car efull y. It will help yo u set up an d operate your syst em prop erly and enjoy all of it s advan ced featur es. Please save this owner’ s guide for fu tur e refe re nce.All trade marks refer enced herein are proper ty of Bose Corpor ation. All rights reser ved. Bose, Acoustimass, Lifestyle, Pe rsonal and W ave are re gistered trademark s of Bose Corporation. For example, do not place the pr oduct on a bed, sofa, or similar surface that may bl ock the ventilation openings. Do not put it in a built-i n system, such as a bookcase or a cab inet that may k eep air from flowing through its ventilation openings. 8. Do n ot in stal l near any heat sour ces, such as rad iators, he at register s, stoves or other appa ratus (including amplif iers) that pr oduce heat. 9. Do not defe at the safety purpo se of the polariz ed or gro und- ing-type plug. A pol arized plug ha s two blades with one wider than the othe r. A gr ounding-type plug has two bla des and a third g rounding prong. The wider blade or thir d prong ar e provided for your safety. Refer to the antenna grounding illustration on this page. Note to CA TV system instal ler This reminder is provi ded to call the CA TV sy stem installer’ s attention to Article 820-40 of the NEC (of USA) that p rovides guidelines f or proper grounding.

In p articular, it specifies that the cable gr ound shall be con- nected to the gr ounding system of the bu ilding, as clo se to th e point of cab le ent ry as is prac tical. Informa tion about products t hat generate elec tric al n oise If ap plicabl e, this eq uipment has been tested and found t o comply wi th the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules. T hese limits ar e design ed to pr o vide reasona ble pr otection ag ainst harmful interfer ence in a residential installation. This equipment gener- ates, uses, and can radiate radio fr equency ener gy and, if not installed and used in accor dance with the instructions, may cause harmful interf er- ence to radio communica tions. However, this is no guarantee that inter- ference will not occur in a particular installation. Note: Unauthorized modification of the rece iver or radio remote control could void the user ’s authority to operate this equipment. This product complies with the Canadian ICES-003 Class B specifi cations. Anten na lead-in wire Antenn a discharg e unit (NEC Sec tion 81 0-20) Gro undin g co nduct ors (NEC S ection 810- 21) Ground clam ps Power serv ice groun ding electro de system (NEC ART 250, Par t H) Electric ser vice equipm ent Ground clamp Unpacking the carton WA R N I N G: T o avoid da nger of suffo cation, kee p the plas tic bags out of the reach of children. Car efully unpack the shipping carton. Y o u may need them lat er. The or iginal pack ing materia ls pr ovide the sa fest way to tran spor t this pr oduct. Note: Locate the seria l number o n the bo ttom pa nel of th e amplifier, and w rite it in the app ropri- ate blank on page 3. If any pa rt of the product ap pears to b e damage d, do not attempt t o use i t. Conta ct your authori zed Bose dea ler immedi ately, or call Bos e Customer Se rvice. Re fer to the a ddr ess list enclose d in the pr oduct packaging f or corr ect ph one numbers.

If t he power c ord does not fi t your powe r (main s) outlet, DO NOT alter th e plug i n any way. Cont act Bose Custo mer Serv ice for assi stance.Allo ws you to contr ol the volume in a r oom using a wall-moun ted control. See the cont act list i nside the back cover of this guid e. SPEAKER OUTPUT S Left and right ampl ifie r speaker ou tputs. A 6 -ohm minimum loa d is r equir ed. T o det ermine t he corr ect speak er wir e size, see “Wir e reco mmendati ons” on page 2 9. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 See “Powerin g-up your sy stem” on page 2 2. AUX INP UT (SA-3 only) Left and right ch annel lin e inputs f or a local au dio de vice. For s wit ches A, B, and C, see “Settin g Up Advanced Features” on page 26. 5 6 7 The set of instr uctions you need depends on whether yo u have a media cen ter, music cente r, or mult i-r oom int erface. T he pr oduct label on th e bottom panel identifi es the model yo u ha ve. For the A V -28 medi a center, se e “Mod el AV -2 8 me dia cent er se tup” o n pa ge 1 3. For the mult i-r oom interfac e, see “Mu lti-r oom interf ace setu p” on page 15. For the Mod el 20 music ce nter, see “Mod el 20 music ce nter setu p” on page 17. For the Mod el 5 music cen ter, see, “M odel 5 music c enter set up” on pag e 19. Note: If you ar e plannin g to use this ampl ifier be yond a secon d room, you wi ll need to change some swi tch settings i n the a mplifier an d remote.CAUTIO N: DO NOT mount t he amplifier on surf aces that are not sturdy enough, o r that have hazards co ncealed behi nd them, suc h as electric al wiring o r plumbing. CAUTIO N: The amplifier must be us ed indoo rs. It is imp ortant to pr event moi stur e fr om gettin g into the unit. Note: If t his remote i s to be used beyond a se cond roo m, other swi tch setting s will need to be changed. S ee “Setting Up Additi onal Room s For Sound” o n page 23. If not, sel ect Normal now. 5. Pres s the Exit button on the remote.

ON House code switc hes must match main room re mote Figure 11 Sample display for a two- room system Press the ROOM button to cont rol a single r oom or two or mor e rooms that share a sour ce. Press the HOUSE bu tton to cont rol all connected rooms as one. The room indicators t ell you what was sele cted by the ROOM or HOUSE button. DO NO T plug t he ampl ifier into an outlet until you have complet ed all o ther conn ections. Insert the white RCA piggybac k connector in to the L (left) FIXED OUTPUT jac k. Insert the 3. 5 mm mini-plug into the SYSTEM CONTROL 2 jack on the r ear panel of th e music cente r. 3. Insert t he red RCA connector of the Acoustim ass module cable in to the r ed piggyback jack and t he white RCA conne ctor into t he white piggyb ack jack. 4. Plug one end of the 20-foo t audio c able (supp lied) int o the fr ee end of t he thr ee-foot audio in put adapter c able.CAUTIO N: Make sure that the amplifi er is disconnec ted from AC power before maki ng speaker connectio ns.Contin uously lit Amplifi er is o n and r eady t o pr oduce sound. Lit but rap idly fli ckering Amplif ier is con figured as a sup ple- mental amplifier. Status LED Se e “Singl e and sup plemental amplif iers” on page 26.Automati c detect ion of a local sour ce (SA-3 only) When a sour ce is connected to the AUX INPUT j acks, yo u can set the amp lifier to de tect when that sou rce i s turned on, ther eby automaticall y switchin g the amplifi er fro m standby to on. The amp lifier i s shippe d with thi s featur e tu rned off. For loc al sour ce au tomatic de tection, set switc h B up. Singl e and supple mental amp lifie rs If you want to co ver a lar ge area, such as an outd oor patio, r e quiri ng mor e than one se t of speakers, you can install addition al amplifi ers.T o clean the ampli fier, use only a so ft, dry cl oth to r e move dus t fro m the outsi de of the en closur e. Y ou may use a brush attachmen t on a vacuum clean er to clean the har d-to-r each areas.

DO NOT use an y solve nts, ch emicals, or clea ning so lutions containi ng alcoho l, ammo nia, or a brasives. This is espec ially tr ue of salt water exposu r e. Y ou may use a sili cone caul king materi al, such as R TV adhesi ve, to pr otect speaker wir e con- nectio ns. It is commonly avai lable at hard ware st or es. If yo u do use caul king, apply it only after t he wir es ar e connec ted and the k nobs tigh tened down. Check the cau lking a nnually, and r e-a pply as n eeded. For addi tional hel p, see the troub leshoot ing informat ion in your sys tem owner’ s guide. If the pr oblem st ill exist s, contac t your Bose deal er to arran ge for servi ce, or cont act Bose Custo mer Servic e. Refer to the ad dr ess list enclosed in the pr od- uct pa ckaging for co rr ect phone n umbers. Disconne ct the other cab le from its speake r, and connect that end of th e cable to t he speaker th at does not p lay. If th e speaker still does not pl ay, the prob- lem is in t he speaker. Connect i t to the other outp uts on the amplifie r. If the speaker plays, t he problem is in the origin al cable that was co nne cted to th at speake r. If th e speaker does n ot play, the problem is in that channel of th e amplifie r.Detail s of the covera ge ar e pr ovided on th e pr oduct r egist ration car d that came with the pr oduct. Pl ease f ill out the infor mation s ection of the card and mai l it to Bose. Fa ilur e to do so will not af fect your warranty rights. If s o, th e sud den loss o f vo lume was a n int en- tional acti on of the amplifi er’ s overload protectio n feature. This engages automat ically if th e volume is set too high and is overdrivin g the speakers. Choosing a lower setting should ensu re continuous, even volume. Problem What to do. Please do not offer the downloaded file for sell only use it for personal usage. Looking for other manual? For this no need registration. May be help you to repair. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock.

Instead, contact your nearest service center. Note! To open downloaded files you need acrobat reader or similar pdf reader program. In addition, Also some files are djvu so you need djvu viewer to open them. These free programs can be found on this page: needed progs If you use opera you have to disable opera turbo function to download file. If you cannot download this file, try it with CHROME or FIREFOX browser. Translate this page: Relevant AUDIO forum topics: Bose Sounddock 1 tapegyseg csati Sziasztok. Egy baratom megkert, hogy talaljak vagy gyartsak egy tapegyseget a Bose dokkolojahoz. Sajnos az eredetiket aranyarban adjak, igy gyartanom kell egyet. Talatam is egy elegans kis 4 pines csatit, de fennakadtam az eredeti csatlakozo labkiosztasan. Talaltam egy rajzot de nem tudom eldonteni, hogy a kabelen levot abrazolja, vagy a dokkoloban levot. Basszus vegfoka 2-3mp mulva megfut vagy pozitivba vagy negativba ha nincs a hangszoro rarakva, hangszoroval azonnal letilt, (amikor a kimeneten eljut DC 4V-ig a vedelem lekapcsolja relevel az erositot). Mikor a MUTE hibat kerestem, volt olyan eset is, hogy nem futott meg a kimenet es szolt a basszus rendesen, de ujboli bekapcsolaskor ha nem halkitottam le a potit akkor kikapcsolt a rele, ha lehalkitottam akkor jo lett, de nagyon susogott, arra hasonlitott mint amikor FM radio nincs az allomason, van egy kozos mute tranzisztor az kapcsolja az osszes tobbit, ha azt kiszedtem akkor is megmaradt a susogas, szerintem visszafele jott valamelyik oldalrol ezert szedtem ki mindegyik oldalrol a tranzisztorokat, nem akartam bajlodni vele, hogy honnet jon a susosgas vissza. Mi lehet a gond? Bose Lifestyle CD-20 FLC kijelzo halvany Sziasztok! A fenti keszuleknek halvany a kijelzese. Eleg erdekesen van megoldva a kijelzo tapfesze, sokban fugg a bejovo 12VAC feszultsegtol. Kerdesem az lenne, hogy a futest probaljam emelni, vagy a -24V-ot. A D8-on a 30V is kevesebb, de az AC 4.5V is. Melyik befolyasolja jobban a fenyerot.

A futes, vagy a negativ tapfesz? Udv: Jacint BOSE bekotesi rajz Legyszi legyszi ha valaki tudnasegiteni egy BOSE AMP2440-as erosito bekoteseben,azt nagyon szepen megkoszonem. Ez AUDI A3-asbol van, a steker nincsmeg. Similar manuals: You can write in English language into the forum (not only in Hungarian). Pagina 3 Important Safety Instructions. Ground All Outdoor Antennas. Pagina 4 Contents. Before you beginEnglishModel AV-28 media center setupMulti-room interface setupModel 20 music center setupModel 5 music center setupPagina 23 Setting Up Additional Rooms For Sound. Setup guidelines for additional roomsPagina 24 Setting Up Additional Rooms For SoundPagina 25 Setting Up Additional Rooms For Sound. Setting up the amplifier room codePagina 26 Setting Up Advanced FeaturesEnglish. Cleaning the amplifierEnglish. Technical informationCaracteristicas del panel de controlIdentificacion del sistemaEncendido del sistemaPagina 50 Configuracion de sonido en salas adicionalesPagina 51 Configuracion de sonido en salas adicionales. Figura 18. Instalacion de muestra dePagina 52 Configuracion de sonido en salas adicionalesPagina 53 Configuracion de sonido en salas adicionales. Configuracion del codigo de sala del amplificadorPagina 54 Configuracion de las funciones avanzadasLimpieza del amplificadorInformacion tecnicaPagina 59 Table des matieresCaracteristiques du panneau de connexionIdentification du systemeMise sous tension du systemeFigure 18. Exemple d’installationPagina 81 Configuration pour la sonorisation de pieces supplementaires. Configuration du code de salle de l’amplificateurPagina 82 Configuration des fonctionnalites avanceesNettoyage de l’amplificateurInformations techniquesUSA Italia. Bose Corporation, The Mountain Bose S.p.A., Via della Magliana 876. Framingham, MA 01701-9168 00148 Roma. Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA. To find out more or to opt-out, please check our Cookie Policy. For further information check our Privacy Policy.

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